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About us

Our history

"Center-Internet" was opened November 15, 1999. Our main goal was business development based on Internet technology.

The activity of "Center-Internet"  made a significant contribution to the popularization of the global network and increasing the number of Internet users among the inhabitants of the city and the region and have a positive impact on the massive use of Internet technologies in education, business, and everyday life.

We have implemented a lot of educational projects and social programs of the bank "Center-Invest".

From 1 January 2008 the public access point was removed.  Since that day a lot of new projects have been launched.


For several years the main directions of our activity are:

We offer you a range of services for the management of your business with the help of the Internet - from the development of websites and Internet marketing, PPC advertising to the introduction of a call center.

Our partners


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